Interesting Variations to the regular Country Fried Chicken!

If when you hear the words love, care, comfort and food, the first thing which comes to your mind is the image of crispy and juicy fried chicken, then it goes without saying that you are a true foodie at heart. It is certainly not for nothing that Maya Angelou has said, ‘the best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread and Fried Chicken!’

Fried Chicken truly means a lot of things to a lot of people, but contrary to the popular belief, fried chicken is not only what the cook up at KFC, rather there are so many mind boggling variations of it, which you should know of, if you truly call yourself a Fried Chicken Lover!

Buttermilk-fried chicken

Often referred to as Chicken Maryland, buttermilk fried chicken is truly a divine incarnation of the typical country style fried chicken, owing to the fact that it is marinated in buttermilk prior to getting pan fried in a huge skillet. Try this variation out and you will instantly be transported to food heaven.

Korean fried chicken

Quick to prepare, crispy, sticky, sweet and salty, Korean fried chicken is everything you look for in a tasty plate of food. Often garnished with sesame seeds, this variation of fried chicken is truly to die for.

Chicken Nuggets

The chicken nugget is something everyone has grown up trying out, but what most people do not know is that the chicken nugget is indeed a variation of regular fried chicken. The chicken nugget is especially easy to make owing to the fact that the tendons and scraps of the chicken are used to make it!

Slender chicken tenders

Much like chicken popcorn, chicken fingers have also become a huge phenomenon in recent times. Slender strips of chicken are generously garnished with a variety of herbs and spiced prior to being dumped in a batter and then being fried. Such strips or tenders make for great finger foods and are mostly made with spices as such as cumin, paprika, pepper and of course salt. In this preparation the insides are soft while the outside is delightfully crispy.

Fried chicken has truly become a cult food item, for people living in various corners of the world. Rather than sticking to the regular fried chicken (As delicious as it may be) you should try these variations out as you will not regret it!